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I Don’t Need Any Man, I use Cucumber instead It Makes Me Release Like Tap Water – Lady

A lady identified as Diana Irungu has come out with her own formula of what she thinks works for her. She shared this on the Mums facebook group.

She took to her facebook saying that “I Don’t Need Any Man, This One Makes Me Release Like Tap Water”. She went further to share the photo of her formula. Below us her replacement for men;

She lammented that she does not need any man once she gets hold of a cucumber to quench her s3xua! thirst.

She claims that the cucumber is more effective than what any man can do, she even analysed her experience as going to cloud nine and stating that she is now an expert with the use of cucumber

What do you think about this her formula?

One word for her, use the comment box below.

Or Call Dr Micheal Here
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