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I Left My Husband Because His [email protected] Is Extra Large- Lady Cried Out

At times what we see or hear are always incredible or sounds unbelievable, here it is about marriage and relationship. Many relationships and marriages have crashed along the line when there are issues that came up.

On many occasions, what often broke marriages are unfaithfulness, jealousy, and the lots. So because of all these things that broke people’s homes, every young man and woman are advised not to rush into marriage.

While going through my Facebook newsfeed I came across a post made by Warri Aproko Tv, I saw a thing that wowed me, a woman telling the court that he left his man that is his husband all because of one thing.

According to what the page posted the woman said she left her husband because his manhood is too big for her. 

It sounds strange but to many people that do not warrant her to break out of the marriage 🤣.

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