“I now understand why people treat domestic staff like sh*t” – Wakanow CEO, Bayo Adedeji narrates encounter with his chef who he pays N100,000 Monthly salary

I pay my chef N100k monthly and weekly 5k for transportation he typically eats breakfast and lunch at the house, if he comes extra days I give him 5k-10k. And when I travel abroad which is usually atleast 1 week a month he doesn’t come to work while I am gone. During the pandemic I continued to pay him like nothing happened because I wondered how he would feed his family, I was not even in town o for 3.5 monthsI noticed the feeding bill continued to rise and it seemed we never have things in the house. When I ask to eat something I get additional bill to do market runs every other day so I started tracking. My feeding bill went up by 100% in october for 3 weeks of feeding I was nearing 300k in spend excluding salary for me alone….. uhmmmmmm typically I have alot of guest on weekends but in November we were always at Wave on the beach. So I went out and purchased so much food that we could not possibly finish in a month. 2 weeks after I asked to eat jollof rice with smoky flavor and imported rice so that the grains stand at attention, he told me we don’t have tin tomato. Shocked! I argued he told me I didn’t buy it. I checked my records and noticed I purchased 2 cartons of tin tomato. I mean 2 cartons o of premium tin tomato like the one in metal containers from Renee supermarket.

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