“I pray every night before I sleep and meditates in my heart, it helps me alot” – Angel reveals

“I Pray Every Night Before I Sleep And Meditates In My Heart, It Helps Me Alot” – Angel Reveals

“I Pray Every Night Before I Sleep And Meditates In My Heart, It Helps Me Alot” – Angel RevealsEach housemate in the season six, ‘shine ya eyes’ edition of Big Brother Naija Reality Show has his or her own peculiar lifestyle in the reality show house.

However, in their daily interactions, discussions and lone moments, they consciously or unconsciously reveals their personal lifestyles to the viewers and to their fellow housemates.

Angel, who is one of the female housemates in the season six tv reality show,has revealed to her fellow housemate what she always does in the house before sleeping at night.

Angel who had a sisterly discussion with Queen yesterday, told Queen that one thing she doesn’t miss doing in the house before sleeping every night is saying her rosary. She said that praying the rosary has always given her consolation and courage, especially in challenging moments. According to her that’s one of the reasons she doesn’t miss the exercise.

“One thing I don’t miss doing in this house every night since I came in is praying my rosary before going to sleep. At times I do it quietly, just meditating in my heart. It helps me when I’m depressed and weak. It consoles me when I contemplate on past sad incidents. I love doing it.”

Angel’s words are believable because on various occasions viewers have seen camera capturing her while holding her rosary and doing the sign of the cross, mostly at night before sleeping.

Angel, whose full name is Angel Smith has recently found good companionship with Queen. This new friendship has enabled the two Akwa Ibom-born female housemates to have the freedom of discussing personal issues together.


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