“I Satisfy 4 Wives Each Night” -66 Years Old Man With 16 Wives And 151 Children Claims

&Quot;I Satisfy 4 Wives Each Night&Quot; -66 Years Old Man With 16 Wives And 151 Children Claims

A man has revealed how he desires to keep marrying more wives and having as many children as possible even after he has 16 wives and 151 children. The man who is at the verge of marrying the 17th wife says he “satisfies” 4 of his wives each night and keeps them happy as a man who knows his onions as per satisfying a woman is concerned.

If the account in the book of Genesis in the Bible is anything to go by, then it is safe to say that God created the marriage institution. The simplest definition of marriage still refers to the union of a man and a woman who henceforth live as husband and wife.

But with the increasing population, increase in different cultures, norms and traditions, the modest marriage institution which hitherto had a man take a singular woman as his wife had undergone several changes and transformations.

Religions and beliefs also play crucial roles in redefining marriage that a man may no longer take a woman as his wife. He is allowed to marry as many as he could afford, and cater for. For example, Muslims are permitted to marry more than a woman as long as the women are “kept happy” in all aspects.

So it is rather not unsurprising that Zimbabwean Misheck Nyandoro, a 66 year old man has committed himself to a bizarre “polygamy project” as he prepares to marry a 17th wife. The retired war veteran, who says this project commenced some 38 years ago claimed his intentions was to continue marrying wives and having children till death.

At the moment, this man has 16 wives and 151 children. According to him, his most pressing assignment is to satisfy his wives daily. In his words, satisfying them is his full time work. To further buttress this point and resolve, the veterans claims he performs his “manly duties” with four wives each night. Na wa o!

He further explained how he manages to accomplish this inspite of his age and as compiled by Metro, he is doing “a very good job” in this all important aspect in the lives of couples.

Misheck Nyandoro did give insights as to how he performs his conjugal duties saying he takes into consideration the ages of the wife he intends to “satisfy” at a particular night. He also revealed that the older wives in the group do complain of his penchant for love making prompting him to want to marry more younger wives.

About feeding his rather large family, Nyandaro claims he is not finding that aspect difficult as his children “spoil” him with cash gifts and other forms of gifts from his step sons. He eats only the very delicious meals as his wives all cook for him daily.

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