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“I Should have closed my legs I am regretting everything” she said

Pictures of conversation between two friends has been shared into whatsapp group were one friend is regretting dating a blesser.

Friends has the following conversation which is very painful. She started by asking her friend if she’s free and yes she was free. She asked her if she remember a day that they met at complex and friend says ohh yah I remember why? I was going to soo called my blesser, mxm chomie am regretting everything.

Friend replied that I still remember chomie I though you were enjoying and he gave you money every month. She replied I know yes he gave me money but I catch feelings I falled inlove I though one day he will take relationship serious and I become main chick I know he has a wife and children and I was sure I was not the only one side chick”. He impressed me we were even having a sex without condom I though I found love and I will not suffer as he is a business guy.

Friend replied yoh yah neh so now what happen? She explained that wife found out and we broke up now he even changed a phone, we are unable to talk to each other. The part that hurt me he left me sick my vargina is always inching and having a bad smell. I gave him all of me he played me xem.

She concluded by saying am regretting opening my legs to him.

Let’s look into trending screenshot of conversation between two friends. Source of information below.

This is very painful we know South African is facing more difficulty when it comes to job opportunity and thus turn people in desperation of money. People ended up doing stupid things for the sake of getting income to survive.

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