I Started Watching Blue Films At The Age Of Ten: Sadly, This Is How It Has Ruined My Life – Lady Cry Out


I Started Watching Blue Films at the Age of ten: Sadly, This is How it Has Ruined my Life – Lady Cry Out

It may sound strange to many people why I was exposed to pornography at the age of ten. It was certainly not my fault because at that tender age,I could differentiate between good and evil.

I come from a very affluent background so growing up,I was exposed to many modern equipments that enabled me access to audio and video contents.

My late father was living in London and was a dealer in DVDs and other electronic devices and periodically brought those machines down to be sold. My mother too was a very busy business woman and was always absent from home.

I came home from school one afternoon and found a disc on my mother’s centre table and decided to watch the content of the disc.

Amazingly,the disc contained loads of pornographic videos. My curiosity then arose and so I marked that disk down to be able to distinguish it from the other discs.Anytime my mother was not around,I sneak into her room and watch the videos for hours.

The watching of the videos continued for months without my mother noticing what I have been doing in her absence.

Unfortunately for me,my mother was the strict type and never allowed me to go out or make friends outside so I used all my time in the watching of the videos.

I started practicing some of the scenes I watched in the videos by inserting all kinds of items into my private part including my fingers

This continued from the JHS through to the university because I was was not allowed to stay on campus thinking I could be influenced by bad company.

I became so obsessed with pleasuring myself to the extent that,I could not go a day without inserting something into my private part.

As a result of my devilish acts ,I never had interest in dating any guy. I turned down all proposals from guys because I had no feeling for men.

No Matter what some guys did,they still could not get my attention and I usually end a relationship if the guy tries to get intimate with me.

Because I never introduced any man to my mother, she thought I was still a virgin and always talked to my father of how good I was.

My father loved me to the core and did virtually everything I requested from him.

I have completed the university now and gainfully employed. Sadly,what I have to gapple with now is my lack of interest in men.Many men have approached me for marriage but I have declined all of them.

I accepted one guy’s proposal but after we were through with all the preparations towards marriage,my interest in the relationship dwindled and finally quitted.

I am now in my late thirties and still not married despite being financially stable than many marriage women I have come across.

Aside my lack of interest in marriage, I have also developed some some chronic vaginal infections as a result of the things I usually inserts into my private part.

I now feel I have ruined my life and seriously need help

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