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“I Was Gay Until I Met a Girl That Changed Me Back To Normal “- Man. Check His Amazing Transformation

A young man is currently trending on social media platforms after he shared his story on Tik Tok how he transformed from being gay to become straight. Gay are individuals who are naturally attracted to their fellow gender and this is considered to be abnormal in many countries including Nigeria, while straight are individuals who are attracted to the opposite gender.

Meanwhile, girls are blessed by God and sometimes used by God to transform men who are indulge in some acts that isn’t right like drinking, smoking, sleeping around and so on. See some of his throwback photos that he shared, all dressed up with make up like a girl before he met his dream girl that eventually changed him for the better.

This young man said that he used to be gay, dress up like a female until he started praying to God about it and his prayers were answered after he met his dream girl who transformed him from being gay to become straight. It was a dream come true, they had a son together and they are now one big family. See his current photos that he also shared after becoming straight.

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