I Will Pay Any Man Who Will Marry Me $1000 Per Week, Checkout My Terms And Conditions

I Will Pay Any Man Who Will Marry Me $1000 Per Week, Checkout My Terms And Conditions

I Will Pay Any Man Who Will Marry Me $1000 Per Week, Checkout My Terms And Conditions

I am Victoria Arthur Dzifa from the Volta Region of Ghana. I was born in Ghana but I have lived most of my life in London. I went to London I was only 6 years old. I was living with my grandmother in the village while my parents were living in London. I am the only child of my parents. I was born twins but unfortunately I lost my elder sister during childbirth.

Currently, I am 29 years old and I will be 30 years old on 30th June this year. I am a beautiful woman with brains. I graduated as a Physician Assistant from the University of London. My family is one of the richest families in the United Kingdom. My Dad owns a big tyres producing company in United Kingdom and my mummy is a retired nurse. My parents are growing old and they need a grandchild so I have decided to find a partner and live with. As a Ghanaian, I want to marry a Ghanaian to be my life partner.

I have never dated before but now I’m very ready to marry. But there are some things that I will consider before choosing my husband. I will take you to London and we marry here immediately I see you are the type of man I want and pay you GHC 3000 every week. These are the terms and conditions;

1. I don’t like a man who smokes.

2. I don’t like a drunkard

3. I need a man who is educated and can speak English. Your education level should be at least Senior High School.

4. I need a man who can cook and do house chores.

5. I need a man who can take care of the children when we give birth.

6. I don’t like a man who beats women and a man with a sound mind.

7. I need a man who will love me and care for me all of his life.

Please if you are single and interested in me, kindly leave your comments here and also share to your friends and loved ones. Please I am very serious about this issue.


  1. Contact me let’s start somewhere, i got no presentation of long statements on publics.
    I will be much better between both of us but do u have Christ in you? If yes .
    Don’t worry about ***

  2. I am a Nigerian.26 Years. I studied Computer Science and can speak English very well. I am interested if really you are serious.whatsapp me on 09123713351

  3. Why bunch of fools here . So you think is real and foolish guys are dropping their numbers. I realize that many of you are impotent half man. Well we cure weak erection, quick ejaculation,viginal discharge,diabetes and low sperm count you can reach us: 09076137356

  4. I can not marry women that will pay me money okay ,I will marry her for love and not for money and education that means there is no love , because u can not cere for his other marry is caring and love I need love

  5. Hi sorry I got this quite too late but who knows if it’s not
    Please I’m really interested in you cause you are my type and I have all the qualities you require
    I’m good in bed fun to be with,caring and loving,fashionista and love traveling
    Here is my number babe text or call me
    +234 8024884402

  6. My little queen I think u don’t need to worry, just forget about the mainy qualities n go 4 one, Wich is d true love n nothing more,because eny one that have this quality ………….. if you won’t ,U can call 08081689599

    1. Hi pretty l have all it takes . I’m a very loving guy and l love a lady with quality.this is my number s 08188624346

    1. My little queen I think u don’t need to worry, just forget about the mainy qualities n go 4 one, Wich is d true love n nothing more,because eny one that have this quality ………….. , if you won’t ,U can call 08081689599

  7. The LORD is wetting for u, to give u the type of man u want in ur life I promise u he will not fail u

    1. To hell with your offer is your brother they will give that kind of condition are you the only girl that has buttons and p****see your life you’ll be there and you’ll be getting old

  8. Victoria am really so excited and interested in what u need am a South Sudanese and your rules covered my mind to you that a will be the right partner that u deserve to be in life, so believe me am 29yrs by june 03 i will kick off 30yrs and am a litrate graduate in IT department of CSIT, just Call +211921104999.

  9. My Humble opinion for You, is that You should get Pst. D.r D.K. Olukoya’s Books and Teachings about Marriage Read, Listen and Pray the Prayer Points and You would Get the Right Man From GOD ALMIGHTY to marry AMEN!

  10. Good evening my dear sister and friend,
    All this quality of men you are seeking for must be some how in possible because most of the men out there are just after the money you offer to pay.
    But if you really need a man in your life you must have what it takes to keep a man.
    One of the quality you need is a good character and humility.

  11. I’m a Ghanaian, a diploma in accounting holder, and 31 yrs of age, I have all the qualities you are looking for, but please we need to know each other well so please let chat on WhatsApp, 0546813106

  12. Unfortunately I’m a Nigerian but married and still interested if you can but mind u for cooking and household shires is not force but good living that resulted as the result of law ve and caring for one another. How do you expect a man to take care of the children its that he can also breast feed the child?? And what is the mother doing if she cannot employ the service of a nani?? Do u wish the man who satisfied u on bed to be or work as a slave under you just because your paying him per week with just a dollar?
    This is unfortunate for you ladies looking for cheap sweet husband abeg make I hear words pls.

  13. Can we communicate over the email l wanna know you and also l want you to know me by chatting together because you cant know someone just because of 1nice text he send to you about him especially when you have said the things you like and dont like human l want you to know me by chatting first lm interested not because of how the person will get paid but because l want to meet someone who is more serious

  14. I don’t think you are looking for a husband, but a house boy .Why make all these demand before getting a man. You are even scaring the hell out me.And to all the men that availing themselves to such a demand are not ready for life. Just this advice for you, don’t married with demand.

  15. As for me l would like to know you more personally rather than only the little things you said and also l would want you to know me first and see if lm the kind of person you want

  16. l have nothing to say to you at the moment and l dont want to be paid by you if you find me interesting we can chat so you can know me a little l dont wanna write things that lm not because lm not such a good liar

  17. l have nothing to say to you at the moment and l dnt want to be paid by you if you can we can chat so you can know me a little l dont write things that lm not

  18. Ok that’s good,if you are looking for husband, warmly welcome,I’m a Tanzanian my whatsap No +255622 390318

  19. You are beautiful my dear, but men damn like some terms and conditions listed but it’s all under your tutelage . We may be interested though from different countries but you know love is blind.

  20. For me am looking for a job , am a Ugandan aged 21, education level senior four, able to speak English, for mo information
    WhatsApp me :+256706349088

  21. Aaaaaaaaaa aman to wash u’re clothes luo blood will never do those fact u too am from northern uganda acholi dog ming KODI PA LYECI

  22. My name is Cyrus Chokpelleh,a Liberian. I really need you to be my wife and this is my whatapp number :+231775686103

  23. U so amazing precious destiny to someone who will be lucky, My only advice is be intelligent because many will lie and be Cameron be of the money. I wish to be in competitive but a Malawi an man .If u wish u can put me in consideration

  24. Are you looking for a house boy…..coz your Qualifications aren’t meant for a husband…….why should a husband be in the position of a mother like you said a lot in one statement…..changing dippers cooking and washing dishes

  25. Beautiful adorable and kind hearted woman I got all the qualities you need but am from Cameroon 🇨🇲+237671733762

  26. Oh no…you’re cheap for a physician assistant, espected more from you. I see a woman written all over you so please stay that way. Stop trying to be a man. You can’t be paying a houseboy and calling him your husband. Taking good care of the family is a mans responsibility not a condition for boy-boy. Get lost.

  27. May the good Lord provides you one loving husband miss, just keep on the naked thing as a bait… ‘coz you’ll surely hook one big he-fish👌🤞.

  28. Hi sweet beautiful heart of my I am Ghanaian (A professional teacher) I will abide all the rules if u also really love me

  29. a woman and searching for a husband,,that is not our tradition in africa even if we are educated,,that cant be,,i think u are searching for something else

  30. I can’t say I’m the living proof of all the qualities that u require in a man but I’m will to put in the effort to achieve the perfect balance required for your total happiness and I don’t require your money because love is not a contract ,it is a full lifetime commitment ,,on love is all I need

  31. I will marry you and I will care for you even if you have everything all I need from you is take my control.

  32. Those terms and conditions are obvious to me because it not the first time to come across with such kind of yours

  33. Am a Young hard working Cameroonian studied at the national polytechnic institute optain just (HND) no money to further I studied sea transport under the department of Logistics.

  34. I’m Tanzanian, am ready for your terms and conditions check me on Whatsapp number+255687566350 for more information

  35. If you need me that l will nice to talk you love each other and respect them. Please give me a one chance. My number +263775874821.

  36. If really serious we gat to know each other, Frank J, WhatsApp 237678003235, Cameroonian, post graduate.

  37. You’re right to send out your proposal but have you checked your attitude and behaviour to know what the problem is that up to now you’re not yet marry. Love have nothing to do with been riche,educated or to paid anyone $1000 per week,that isn’t love at all my dear.As for me,I will say,love is like a breed that blows from one end to another end freely and no one has to paid for it because love is free. I understand that you want to gave your parents grandchildren but your proposal and conditions will led you to nowhere dear. If you’re till thinking about carrying on farewell

  38. I am very interesting in you and I am totally agree your rules that you have mentioned , I am undergraduate student and single living in South Sudan .juba, please may you kindly affect me to be on your heart forever baby because I fall in love immediately when I saw your photo baby. Thanks you very much
    My WhatsApp number is +211925256625. Reach me if you love me too.hoppefully I will get a call soon as you go through my dety.

  39. No no no no thank you , if you need a man go back to Ghana and look for a man and stop acting stupid.Never dated you say ,I’m sure youre not even a virgin because that picture explains itself .Try to be serious money doesn’t matter in this ussue get yourself some brain and respect

    From Zimbabwe

    1. I am a Liberian and my age currently is 30 Years. I’m an Agriculture Extensionist by profession. I’m a pulse because of the many skills and character that I possess in both academic and social understanding. I am full of respect for the rule of law that governs the right of all women. Madame Very flureant at speaking English. This is my WhatsApp number +23188603009

  40. Ooooooooh camon…. i look that u’re pic is so good but i gave one advice if u be seriously follow on my whatsApp no +225-764213692

    1. How can I marry a woman who does not do house chores but expect the man to so so.
      What will be the essence of ur existence and the reason of my education. I’m a Ghanaian but this. your plea can’t be granted

  41. I am Antony from Zimbabwe I love you but I don’t have necessary conditions you say I am a poor and I speak English not too much

  42. Hi my love am interested but am a ugandan & I staying in buganda ,am 29 year’s old , that’s whatsapp number +256754441912

  43. If you want a serious man you must first of be serious yourself, simple analysis tells us that you are not yet ready to settle rather you have taken this opportunity to display your pomp, in other words you are puffed up with pride. You are that of woman who will never respect a husband because you come from a well up background.
    Wish you all the best!

  44. You are not serious. You said you have never dated before, that is not true. Are you saying that you are a virgin? Something I really doubt. Honestly, I hate desperation. So people are saying that they fulfill your Conditions simply because they are desperate. They want to try they luck, that you may change their lives. I have a different view.
    How do you expect people to be serious with you when you are not also serious?
    A man needs his respect as the head of the family. It’s not because you are from a rich background that you will make your husband a boy boy. In our African context, it doesn’t work.
    If you are really serious, review your Conditions again.
    Lastly, you have to pray hard. Marriage is not as easy as some people think. It needs a lot of commitment, mutual understanding etc. Some people will pretend to be what they are not simply because they want their lives to be changed.
    Benji from Cameroon

      1. No thank are just pretending no real sence in your advert,it is just an advert.go to heal with your real man who is ready to be sacrificed with you.stupid!!!!!!

    1. Every man would wish to have such a chance and he will definitely change to suit all your terms in case he doesn’t meet them because of the previladges, your beauty and the wish for one to stay abroad.

  45. Write your comment here…my survey has just tell me that there are lots of single men out there!
    my guys don’t rush life, when your time comes even if you’re in your village all means will be used to reach you.
    patience and wait

    1. I am a Ghanaian, I come from the Bono East Region but lives in Accra in the capital of Ghana
      +233 542742258
      WhatsApp contact: +233270392006. Thanks

    1. First am Muslim…will I be Muslim ….am single and sirchng….my watts up number….+256751099390… yassin Kabul

    1. I deserve those characters but am a Tanzanian with 30 years and my education level is bachelor degree

      1. I had all you need except speaking correct English and I’m a Nigerian this is my number 08030630677

  46. Write your comment here… first I start with my name Thomson Massaquoi (AGL) I have read all your messages in the post you posted and I’m in sierra leone, I’m ready for everything you say in the post okay

  47. Write your comment here… first I start with my name Thomson Massaquoi (AGL) I have read all your messages in the post you posted and I’m in sierra leone, I’m ready for everything you say in the post okay

    1. If you are really saying the actual Truth. I am prepared to charish you!! But I am a Liberian.

    1. see babe, I can’t explain bcuz if I do it will be as if it’s not true .
      I have all you need but just come online with me. Let’s chat
      Am a BIAFRAN

    1. I am a Liberian/Ghanaian and I have all of the attributes that you are requesting. This is my no on whatsapp +1289 489 7962

    2. As beautiful as intellegent you are why are you still searching for men to marry, there might be a problem with you😁😁

      1. Vicky ur beautiful and intelligent but can it be sure that u get all you want in a man cause no man was brought to life exactly for you with all this qualities only you can make them all come to fulfilment. I am Samuel, I love my house chores like cooking, cleaning,e.t.c cause it gives me joy while doing it,dating hasn’t been my game cos still am i searching, but can we be frnds cause i will like to know u more,dats a request u can decline dear.

    1. Playing the role as a man is not necessary
      You may be rich, but will there be any respect for that man?

      1. If trully thats how u look n uv reached a stage of lookin for man n wsh to pay him all that bcoz of love …….i dare u mst hv somthing wrong wth u……🤗🤗🤗

    1. Not just looking for a partner in your country try to provide opportunities for other countries also. I live in Tanzania

      1. I also have a Ghanaian 🇬🇭 lady 👒 who is more educated than u have no restrictions am sorry 🙇 but ur also beautiful girl 👧 but not than Maine

      2. I am very very interested on the way, I fulifel the criterias listed above, but am far from U. Am loved continent Africa,ETHIOPIA

    2. Am from are a beautiful young lady I don’t need your money but only you cause am single too and my sister always say that the girl that I will get married to will be blessed cause am so caring

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