If Police Look for Me, My People will Burn Down Nigeria’ – Nigeria Lesbian Warns

Nigerian lesbian warns people tagging police in her social media post to stop stating that if they keep on tagging the Nigerian Police Force in her post and police starts looking for her, her people will burn down Nigeria.

In her earlier post, she shared a photo of herself with other lesbians hanging out together…’lesbianing and loving’ she captioned the post.

See the screenshot below:

Apparently after her tweet went viral, some people started tagging the Twitter account of the Nigerian police to her posts, hence the warning.

Reacting to the Tagging she wrote:

“see bah!!!! if you ever look for me. My lovers. if you ever look for me! Do not be quiet. Do not be fucking quiet!” She wrote on Saturday.

“For everyone tagging Nigerian police to my posts. my people will burn down Nigeria. to the fucking ground. Let them look for me first”

she added.

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