If You’re Taking A Girl On A Date, Pay For Her Outfit And Makeup – Lady Tells Men


If you’re taking a girl on a date, pay for her outfit and makeup – Lady tells men

A lady has sparked a huge debate on social media after she advised men on what to do if they want go on a date with a lady.

The lady identified as Monic TB Brandy on micro-blogging platform, Twitter said that a guy who plans to have a nice time with his crush on a date should first buy the lady an outfit and also pay for her makeup as the cost of it has become very expensive.

Her tweet generated mixed reactions from Instagram users as whereas some opposed her advice, other were passionately in support of it.

“I personally think if you are taking a girl out on a date you should buy her outfit. Pay for her makeup as well

See as this able guy dey do!!!” She wrote.

Read some reactions below;

@mrpresidennt wrote;

And also give her money for future emotional trauma and inconvenience of making her stay out of the house. Werey

@godfromthe990s wrote;

Maybe he should just create the girl. Give her hands, legs, eyes and all that. Eran

@daddyfreeze wrote;

I should also pay her health insurance and her parents rent too abi? In short put a bar code on the thing make we rest.🙄

@peathar wrote;

You eat free food on date, take free ride, still pay for dress and make up ….. men for Nigeria  na complete slaves, to get Babe. For naija na just unhappiness

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