I’m a Woman with my money, I’m Iooking for a young man but he must be able to perform a show

I'M A Woman With My Money, I'M Iooking For A Young Man But He Must Be Able To Perform A Show
I'M A Woman With My Money, I'M Iooking For A Young Man But He Must Be Able To Perform A Show

Some people Staying Single it’s by Choice but to Us we Struggle to find Love. The type of guys I want they just neglect me and I have my own personal belongings.

Assets And More I do have. Everything a man may need I do have I only need to be loved like any other women out there. I don’t really like older Men because they are getting tired very easily and they are Stubborn.

My ex husband was about 65 Years old I tried my best to make him understand that as a young woman I need to reach my orgasm during Mating. What I got from his answer was that I disrespect him and he’ll not listen to me.

I took the old Man to Man’s Clinic Seeking Medical Help to his Prank so that it can last longer , When we get there he started to bring up the attention to Us like each and everyone was starring at us Wondering if Whether we agreed on terms before I brought him there.

I'M A Woman With My Money, I'M Iooking For A Young Man But He Must Be Able To Perform A Show

To tell the truth I’m still young I’m 28 years old the old Man came to my family I forcefully Married me as he has More Money. I disagreed but my dad forced me to as It was good for the family.

He took me to varsity I finished my studies now I’m a qualified engineer I work for my self.

But who will work my body ?? I’m starting to loss it in the head I really need this .

Younger Men are still active they’ll give me what I need and I’ll get satisfied but as now I don’t know What to do.

We divorced with my husband and now it’s my time to have fun.

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  1. I’m Nicholas from Ghana and I feel your vibes. I can’t promise you heaven on Earth until you try me. Infact let’s chat on +2330548499752 WhatsApp

  2. Menhhn sex is not love when a woman see the man she loves little will make her good and reach orgasm….she can call me on +2348165185823 for companionship

    1. I’m interested in a serious relationship with a responsible lady and dis is my contact 07084734369

    2. I understand ur pain but what u need is not a man who can make reach your orgasm but, sweetheart you need love,and said u re 28 you young and full of life, cheers and good luck princess

  3. Well I feel your pain… but only if you can give me a trial…what you looking for is right within your reach….if interested call or chat me up on this line +2348064880420…

  4. Ye are all fools, sending all these numbers just for a woman sake in the name of sex and money, life on earth is not eternal, get married and reject these women with demonic missions, please

  5. Those guys with sweet words are fool my dear. Just take it cool. God will surely grant your heart desires.

  6. Hello baby I’m oluwatoyin by name I’m 31 years old I have a interest on you please call me 07035680052 I’m except your call thanks.

  7. My name is godsent. I’m 38yrs, not married and also need to be loved. WhatsApp me on 0902 238 7420.

  8. Am David 29 years am slim and fitted for you i can take you to extra mile i know they tired oo my Whatsapp number is this 09069167656

  9. Am Charles waloo I can help you out of this situation dear just try me reach me on +256778609060

  10. May the Almighty grant you a perswho can make you feel loved and satisfied.
    Thank you for opening up.
    It’s bad to die quietly, but be careful even some young men may disappoint you.
    It’s only through the most High (Allah) that u can get lasting happiness.

    1. Please let talk, so please call me 0245297279

  11. I may not have all the qualities you want but I can’t be the best,caring and loving soul to your life

  12. Am Zak, you can trust me but not for the money I really like love making, If I will say it is my hoby . Call me on ( 0243857050 )

    1. I Happy to see a beautiful lady, that intres me, am 40 to be honest with you , let me assure test me to confirm, before you offer me any penny 07065692724

  13. Let’s continue the journey and see were it’s will end up.. I pray it’s end up the way we both want.

  14. I wish u could see my sincerity over this I promise no to let u down incase u give me a chance to make both of us happy am 21 years old

    1. God Almighty will make a way for u and the right one will come.. for any further to chat this is my WhatsApp no +2348068932855

  15. Hi, but you think this is the write place for a man? I don’t think so please. Those here will rather send you all source of messages but not the right ones. Come again woman

  16. Just add me up on WhatsApp
    Let’s see how we can make things happen
    09016873113 this is my WhatsApp number

  17. Well is so sad that your parents where after the man’s money not minding how you really feel about the so called marriage they sent you into, well my suggestion to you is that you have to carm down and look for a nice man to meet ok who will satiffied you with all your needs ok……….Danny.

  18. With God all things are possible with the use of the energy he gave me
    You will enjoy yourself when I handle you is not by mouth am sure of it not because of your money but to make you feel well and enjoy yourself , if you are for real hook me up on WhatsApp 08103032866

  19. Let us try and see how we can make things happen if your story is real,just what’s app me and let’s talk from there. My name is Wale – 08034989102

  20. Nice chocolate, I’m 35 yrs old from Nigeria, I understand your story because I have been there. Send me your number or email address so we can get hookup

  21. Hi miss….. Just hit me on WhatsApp and tell me all u need and we are good to go on a ride… 09063306800, love u dear not for the money but I feel for you dear💋💋💋💖💖💖💗💗

      1. May god will grant u your real husband that will satify u better has u want , just be keeping praying, i know god will surely did it for you

    1. What I know is that may be you just want to collect Kenyan views conserning love,coz you can’t tell us around u there are no young friends you associate with

  22. Life is good when you’re in the right relationship life is better when you’re been loved and showed all shades of tender loving care life becomes best when you have a faithful man stroking you at regular intervals and you on return opening wide for the ride in Fidelity building a future together in warmth and estacy. So I’m not moved by your sexy body but by the content within the substance it brings and the affection we build.if you’re that spec,then this single tdh is in the euphoria but faithfulness is key. 09137455530 .

  23. My name is Keegan and I am 26years old I am interested in you I promise to give it to you harder and make sure you are always happy believe me this is my number on WhatsApp 08138943147

    1. Just give me a chance and leti us live the rest of to God bt i no God we make all well dis is my number 08167247623

    2. Nothing can satisfy you only when you believe in Christ Jesus can you find the happiness you want not sex . That is a demonic feeling watch out and run for your deliverence

      1. My the Almighty God forgive you because this is not Europe Or America where you have to expose yourself on that degree.(I break the spirit of lust in Jesus name) even if you get the young man still that spirit within you will explode and look for another guy Get saved and God will deal with your situation.

        1. Those guys with sweet words are fool my dear. Just take it cool. God will surely grant your heart desires.

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