Is Ruger Blind? Shocking Reason Why Singer, Ruger Covers His Eye With Eye Patch (Video)

Picture Of Ruger Without Eye Patch
Picture of Ruger with eye patch

Is Ruger Blind? No Ruger Is Not Blind

Is Ruger Blind? Shocking Reason Why Singer, Ruger Covers His Eye With Eye Patch (Video)

Nigeria fast raising musician, and the crooner of bounce the trending music in Nigeria.

The appearance of this new artiste cause lots of comments and research or people and fans asking is ruger is blind No.

In recent interview with Max FM where the question was asked, Ruger is not blind , he said he is doing it to respect someone, pressuring the singer to explain more said saying it or even talking about it is disrespecting that person already.

But according to my research, Ruger is a fire arms company founded in 1949 by William B. Ruger.

Most fire arms created by this company are pistols and practically if you want to shot a pistol you either cover one eye if you’re not using a scope.

it really doesn’t matter whether you shoot with one eye open or both. Most shooting instructors will tell you that you should do what feels natural and gives you the best results. If you’ve started with one eye closed, it may be worth trying to learn how to shoot with both eyes open.

Over the years, well-practiced shooters have determined that closing one eye helps you line up your target more easily. … Thoughtfully attempting to keep that non-dominant eye shut can potentially derail the shooter’s concentration, which can result in a missed opportunity for a righteous kill shot.

I didn’t say Singer Ruger is an arms dealer or sort of this is just my opinion.

This dude sounds great and cool, in the interview with Max Fm ,Cera makes a hilarious comparison between him and Wizkid.

She said Singer Ruger looks like Wizkid, I didn’t see any comparison but you guys should help me out maybe he looks like WizKid.



Is Ruger Blind? Shocking Reason Why Singer, Ruger Covers His Eye With Eye Patch (Video)


  1. Write your comment here… I love your name, music, lifestyle,everything about u is just 2 amaizing. just keep it up & once again i love u

  2. Write your comment here…am ur biggest fan ruger I can’t even sleep until I listen to ur six track pandemic ep..am also an upcoming artiste#jharrys poko

  3. Personally I do not think the eye patch looks nice on him, I know he is just trying to give himself an artistic look, but this is own style of covering one eye no make sense abeg, but nevertheless he is great singer

  4. Wow i love your songs just like you
    All your songs are so fascinating and are so interesting how i wish i can see you and so that we can talk and tell me why you cover one eye and they said you are not blind

  5. Love u ruger & like ur song bounce i think u so sweet like that song am in uganda ( 0752441276) cal me ruger i want just to hear hw u talk

  6. Write your comment here… Ruger
    born to win even in pssa, I love your songs my guy, proudly Police college student.we are leading

  7. Ruger best Artist of the year. So much Ndolo ( love) for you😍😍 I pray DMW signs you. Because to me I don’t see wizkid, I see but Davido’s child sef. You look like OBO truly.

    1. Ruger is a fantastic singer
      My best song so far is Ruger
      He looks like Wizkid
      Take a closer look
      Especially with the pink lips

  8. Ruger is the best,just as i thought bounce was the only hit he gat,i listened to Abu dahbi and now am obsessed with it😲😲😣,next rated award won’t pass u by baby boy😘😙😍😚💰

  9. I loves his style
    God bless u more than this ruger

    Emiyuppy Gang’s have started following u from today boss 🙏🌈💕

  10. I think that is his style as RUGER I wanna thnk hm 4 that nice song,hey Ruger wi ugandan’s are also listening 2 ur jam.

  11. Am really surprise reading this,I seriously thought ruger is blind,I mean when I watched bounce video and saw him wear an eye patch.i was like is this handsome guy blind.
    Well…I think that just his own style

    1. He is just like Wizkid ,this was how Wizkid started with a hit,holla at ur boy,omo this is our next wizzy ,my ruggy

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