James Ndambo inspires Nevers Mumba: “I am setting up My Home Town concept in Chinsali”

James Ndambo inspires Nevers Mumba: “I am setting up My Home Town concept in Chinsali”


Ndambo inspires Nevers to replicate MHT in Chinsali

By Kombe Mataka

MMD leader Nevers Mumba says most African nations including Zambia have long believed that government must be the only mother which all the citizens breastfeed from.

Speaking through a video link at the
Home Town Beauty Show organised by Choma born philanthropist James Ndambo held in Choma on Saturday, Mumba said it was “this socialist approach that continued to compromise efforts to develop the African continent”.
He said the event announced an era of fast tracking development in the nation.

“Chairman Ndambo and Africa Union Development have opened a new chapter of how to improve the quality of lives of Zambians. Chairman Ndambo is the son of the soul upon whose life God has chosen to endow favour in his business. The options before him are many. He can choose to keep enriching himself and his family away from the pain and sufferings of his fellow Zambians or choose to invest back in the lives of his brothers and sisters in the nation. This is the choice that he has made. Today we gather to honour the selflessness and commitment of this exceptional Zambian in adding value to our nation. Most African nations, including Zambia, have long believed that government must be the only mother which we should all breastfeed from. It is this socialist approach that continues to compromise efforts to develop our great continent. Great nations and great economies have been created by the innovation of private citizens. All we need is freedom from African government, just freedom,” Mumba said. “A free man can achieve the impossible. Freedom to dream, freedom to innovate and freedom to express oneself. It is these freedoms that create dynamism in any progressive society. With the introduction of a liberalised economy now in 1991 by the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, Zambia provided a path for the private sector to spearhead economic growth. Mr Ndambo is a perfect example in demonstrating this policy. If every successive Zambian can embrace My Home Town vision of Mr Ndambo, Zambia will develop faster than any government can afford to achieve. Community initiatives must become the engine of development. Governments depend on the ingenuity of community initiative. Government is a sum total of the the combined initiatives of different communities in the nation.”
He said he would replicate the vision of My Home Town in Chinsali.

“I mentioned to chairman Ndambo that I have been so inspired by his vision that I plan to replicate My Home Town (MHT) vision in my own home town of Chinsali in Nothern Province. I hope many more Zambians will choose this path. It is not the abundance of resources that will make this initiative effective, but the determination and a deep love for our country. I feel at home with such a vision as it agrees with my God given vision Zambia Shall Be Saved,” said Mumba.

And Ndambo said My Home Town called on Zambians to exercise their talents and fly high like an eagle.
“We would like your talents to be in full flight. If you want to fly among individuals who want to take you backwards you are going to crush. People are going to castigate you, they will
jealous of your achievements. Jealous of your beauty. Those who are beautiful rather than waste your energy flapping, you need sail, you go right above. If there is a volcano, you fly above the volcano. You survive,” he said.
Ndambo said his organisation’s thrust was to unlock the human potential.

“Everybody is gifted.We focus on unlocking that potential. There are so many NGOs around the world, we don’t want to be like any other NGO
to try and donate gifts. We focus on unlocking the human potential,” said Ndambo, who is African Union Holdings chief executive officer.

And My Home Town patron Dora Siliya said citizens must be the change that they want to see.
“Be the change you want to see in your community. Be the change you want to see in your town. Be the change you want to see in your country and the rest of the world. Somebody said you cannot stop an idea whose time has come. After years of an idea in practice, in 2009 the chairman Mr James Ndambo of the Home Town Organisation like many of us, he has travelled the world and met many important people, successful by any standard. However, he also realised very quickly that one is not an island and that our lives are connected to all the people that we meet who end up connecting us to even people we have not met before. This is the reason we are all here tonight,” Siliya said. “For the many who have met the chairman, we have learnt the following; (1) That small talk does not get things done. (2). That strength is not who you beat down but whom you lift up. (3). Kindness is more
attractive than being cruel. (4). That people will never stop talking but leave them behind. Fly high and leave them behind and lastly, that smiling is free.”

She said Ndambo begun My Home Town as a platform to initially connect with family members. “Later it was expanded as an initiative of like minds interested in business mentoring and wealth creation. He believed that in each one of us there was potential to create and create any business opportunity,” Siliya explained.

She said the objectives of My Home Town was to grow local businesses.
“This is why we are all here in Choma tonight. These business supporting activities have been held in different parts of the country such as 2020 when similar activities were held on the Copperbelt, Eastern and Lusaka provinces. The main aim is to ignite money circulation through procurement of goods and services by local residents and visitors and that is you and I in all our home towns,” she said. “This initiative has become even more imperative after post-pandemic when many of us have lost loved ones and businesses and we all realised we cannot depend on any one, not even in the tourism sector, except on ourselves as Zambians.”

Siliya said My Home Town was also looking for exceptional students who have been supported to universities both locally and abroad.

“I have been a beneficiary of some of this student support back in the 1990s when I was a student at the University of Cambridge in the UK. In the medical field a number of Zambians have been supported with health care especially in India where we have patients. Now recently people have been talking to me about who is Mr James Ndambo. Indeed, he is a Zambian born, a South African citizen, a very progressive African. He is an accomplished businessman, a global citizen and a champion of building bridges across differences and I have witnessed this first hand,” said Siliya.

“Each one of us has the capacity to do something to create wealth. To create jobs, to support schools, to support clinics, to support orphanages, youth groups, women groups. It just takes one person with an idea to change anything good…”

Tourism minister Rodney Sikumba announced at the event that President Hakainde Hichilema would host the Diaspora Network meeting to discuss opportunities that existed in Zambia in Livingstone.

“I have realised that not only Lusaka should hold such events. Not only should Livingstone hold such events, but we are looking forward to having each and every province to hold such events by having one of us become that My Home Town icon,” he said.
Sikumba said he would sell the product of hospitality Zambia had.
Choma Central member of parliament Cornelius Mweetwa, who is also Southern Province minister, created some controversy at the event after he corrected Ndambo’s statement that the nurses who were expelled from a nursing institution were students and that they had been reinstated.

“It is true that nurses by the description of students at Chilonga Mission Hospital were dismissed by their institution because of what
they had done. The Minister of Health hon Sylvia Masebo under the new dawn administration led by President Hakainde Hichilema did reinstate them there and then. They are not nurses. They are student nurses. They are right away at their school. Leadership demands transparency and accountability. I would like to indicate that since those students are still in school they take up that opportunity to be educated by the offer you have given. This is not the first offer
you have given. A few weeks ago here in Choma you offered to train police officers. We love your candidness,” said Mweetwa in response to an education opportunity offer announced for the students by Ndambo who expressed misgivings about the action which he claimed was meted on

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