Journalists urged to highlight inequalities, discrimination of different groups in Uganda

Journalists Urged To Highlight Inequalities, Discrimination Of Different Groups In Uganda

Journalists urged to highlight inequalities, discrimination of different groups in Uganda

The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), has called upon journalists, editors and stakeholders in the media industry to interest themselves in reporting on the existing inequalities, discrimination and marginalisation of different groups in the country.

The call was made during an orientation for the media on gender and equality responsive reporting that took place this week at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala.

Speaking to the Nile Post shortly after the event, Ofwono Opondo, the executive director of the Uganda Media Centre, appealed to the media to always be the eyes, ears and mouth of citizens by reporting accurately, objectively and fairly.

“We are moving. We are transforming, but not at the pace we should be, simply because 80 per cent of the citizens do not know their rights the obligation to make Uganda better rests on all of us,” said Opondo, appealing to the Commission to continue engaging media houses at different levels and encouraging them to put gender and equity stories at the forefront.

Opondo told the Nile Post that journalists should know that their job is very crucial in the society and they need to create convergence by understanding how decisions are made.

“Each of us is a potential candidate for discrimination and therefore we should be able to highlight tendencies that may lead to discrimination, and marginalisation. We can be displaced persons within our country,” he said.

He asked media houses to always support journalists so that they can be able to dig deep and come up with comprehensive stories highlighting some of these issues affecting marginalised groups.

The commission chairperson, Safia Nalule Jjuuko said the media fraternity is so crucial in making Uganda a better country through reporting on some of these issues.

“The media fraternity I know that you have seen gender and equity positive provisions in our constitution, in our laws like the local government act but for so long people have been complaining that these provisions are not implemented. What was lacking was resource allocation to ensure these provisions can be implemented. This is the work now equal opportunities is doing,” she said.

She told the Nile Post that it is necessary for the commission to partner with the media to amplify the matters off marginalisation and discrimination, adding that the media is vital to tell Ugandans and world at large the kinds of opportunities exits for them.





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