Kabwe Serial Killer Suddenly Goes Mad

Kabwe Serial Killer Suddenly Goes Mad

Kabwe Serial Killer Suddenly Goes Mad

Kabwe Serial Killer Suddenly Goes Mad


A MUKOBEKO Prison inmate who during his time in jail found time to wander about in Kabwe and commit several murders to keep himself busy has somehow started acting insane.

Joseph Chiteta, six months before he was due to complete his 20-year aggravated robbery sentence, took some time off from jail as a trustee, wandered in the nearby farms where he raped and murdered 9 women.

However, after police got tired of spending their meagre fuel on picking up bodies of murdered women around Kabwe, they launched a hot a fierce operation in which it is said that they slapped grasshoppers, mosquitoes and anything in their way which could explain who was behind the murders with their efforts finally leading to the capture of Chiteta.

Upon arrest, sober and sane Chiteta, upon receiving a free massage at the Police Inquiries Desk led police to the various bushes and shallow graves where he dumped his victims’ bodies.

However, almost a year after the arrest and the music of a pending death sentence ringing in his ears, Chiteta has somehow started uttering incomprehensible baby words consistent with people with mental illness.

In confirming Chiteta’s alleged sudden madness, his lawyers have asked the Ndola High Court to halt his trial until he was evaluated by Chainama Hospital Mental Hospital if at all he is really insane or acting.

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