“Ladies Treat You Better When They Know Your Wallet Size”-A Nigerian Man declared

“Ladies Treat You Better When They Know Your Wallet Size”-A Nigerian Man Declared

&Ldquo;Ladies Treat You Better When They Know Your Wallet Size&Rdquo;-A Nigerian Man Declared

A Nigerian man identified on Twitter as Shola has asserted that women treat men based on their financial status these days.

According to him, they begin to treat you better once they know the size of your wallet.

This assertion appears not out of place as this could be the case. A lady’s faithfulness to a man some times is determined by their wherewithal to provide what they need for them.

Guys who normally do not have what it takes, or are not financially stable to provide for their girls seems to be having a tough time holding them down or being treated with respect and have their love reciprocated.

This assertion by Shola on Twitter stirred several conversations amongst users on the social media platform.

“Females treat you better once they know your wallet size,” Shola wrote on Twitter.

Below are some of the reactions from Shola’s post on Twitter:

@yettie_ade said; “Even you males treat yourselves better when you know your wallet sizes. Doing ‘yes sir, boss’ for males way younger than you because of his wallet size.”

@ikechiunor replied; “Madam that’s different, we nor dey look person anyhow because e never get bar”.

@EthelleEgboja tweeted; “Seriously y’all need to stop this drama about women being all about money cos really eh, there are women who don’t want men’s money. I know a couple of women paying bills for their men and nobody carry microphone take announce am. No Dey generalize.”

@Moyin_gcfr replied; “0.0001% out of 100%, very difficult to find.. fact.”

@MzRita7; “Not all If I like you as a guy, your wallet size makes no difference It’s up-to you to reciprocate that’s all.”

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