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Lady Who Tattooed Ka3na’s Name On Laps Speaks After Allegedly Drinking Poisonous Substance To Kill Herself (VIDEO)

The lady fan of former Big Brother Naija housemate Ka3na has finally spoken after it was reported that she tried committing suicide.

Recall that a few weeks ago, former BBNiaj housemate Ka3na quizzed her fans who would love to tattoo her name on their body. A hard-die fan however tattooed Ka3na’s name on her laps and shared the photo on her Instagram page.

However, instead of appreciating, Ka3na slammed the fan for tattooing her name on her body. It was later reported that the fan was admitted to the hospital after trying to commit suicide. She has however come out to react after her alleged suicide.

In a post shared by Instablog, the lady said, “I know I did something wrong by attempting suicide, but I couldn’t take it anymore as people were coming at me with my background and the rest. At the same time, it’s the love that I have for Ka3na that made me tattoo her name. If I knew she won’t really like it, I won’t go ahead……”.

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