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Lady Who Was Allegedly Competing For Her Man With Another Woman Runs Mad During Her Traditional Marriage

West African countries are known for their witchcraft, and the leading one is Nigeria and Ghana.

I hear in Nigeria witches fly during the day, and they can appear and disappear at will. And if you are not careful, they can use you for money rituals.

But there is a case that has left a lot of tongues waging, after a girl suddenly became mad during her traditional marriage.

It was like a scene from Nollywood movie, and all people in attendance couldn’t believe what was happening.

Every thing was running on smoothly, until the time of introduction.

The beautiful girl just went bonkers, and she started acting crazy. She undressing in public,and caused a lot of commotion.

Her mother was totally confused by what had just transpired, and she tried all she could but all in vain.

It is reported that that the girl was in a competition with another lady.

And it is feared that she might have used Juju on her, and turned her into a mad person. Some girls are very wicked, just because of a man she turned her competition into a mad person.

But the God news is that, the girl is recuperating well after being prayed upon by one powerful man of God.

And the arrow has been turned back to the sender, and it is reported that the madness has goon back to the other girl.

And that’s why you need to be very careful who you mess with, some people are to dangerous to be messed with.

Especially if they are born again, and they are deeply rooted in Christ. If you try to bewitch them, it will back fire on you.

What to you think, is witchcraft real? Please share with us on the comment section.

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