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Lagos Lady Wore This To Restaurant And It Ended In Tears

A social media user has taken to her page to narrate how she was sent out of a restaurant by security men, because of the kind of cloth she was wearing.

The lady said she was on a date with someone but on getting to the restaurant, the lady was outrightly denied access to enter the restaurant because her dress was showing excess skin.

She was surprised when the security men told her she could not enter the restaurant to meet her date in that kind of dress.

She then called her date to meet her outside, so they would go to another restaurant. Before she left the premises, she said she overheard the security men talking about her, so she listened to hear what they were saying.

She said ‘the security guys spent a good amount of time talking about me within hearing shot and calling me a prostitute and being stupid judgmental’.

The lady discloses that before she even left the place, she could hear the Security men calling her a prostitute because of the cloth she was wearing which annoyed her.

According to this lady, she believed that the security men were wrong for sending her out based on her dress.

In a follow-up tweet, the lady discloses that the most painful part was when she overheard the security men calling her prostitute.

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