Lebanese family reportedly killed Ghanaian servant for having eaten early

We learn sad news from Lebanon that we cannot independently verify. Sources say maid working for Lebanese family was killed because she ate earlier than she was supposed to

As reported by some sources, a Ghanaian servant Faustina Tay passed away after repeated beatings and abuse by a Lebanese family.

Mona Nasrallah (in blue hijab), her daughter Nour Dia (in red hijab), her husband husband Hussein Dia (importing glasses) and their son Ali Dia collectively took pleasure in knocking out and abusing the young Ghanaian girl until her last breath.

The girl allegedly ate before dinner time and was reportedly beaten to death by the family.

This is not the first time that African women have reported abuses in the Arab countries. Videos circulated on social media with several Africans shouting their frustration and demanding that the authorities protect their lives because they work like slaves.

Stay tuned for more information as we are digging to bring you more details

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