I Love Him But The Age Gap Is Too Huge – Lady Seeks For Advice

30 year old lady is currently confused and needs advice urgently about a man she is dating who base in Canada.

She Posted this in a Facebook group Potential Women and according to her she loves the man but she can’t marry him because he is way older than her.

See the story below;

Please,,Hide my Identity…Very important….I have a suitor based in Canada,,but was introduced to me by his sister….We have been talking and relating very well…He is so lovely,,caring and cool ….He would have been back since but the issue of Corona virus suspended everything..We have started talking about marriage and all that….I have asked him everything,,got satisfied but when he told me how old he is ,,,I got devastated….He is 58 while I’m 30…He has never married before…My friends are telling me to get married to him so that I can help my family too cos the guy is a citizen already…But,,I love him but the age difference is too much….I’m so confused…Please,,I need your advice!

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2 thoughts on “I Love Him But The Age Gap Is Too Huge – Lady Seeks For Advice

  1. brionah Reply

    let God’s will be done. is better for him to be older then for him to be younger. I will advice u he marry him if u love him enough to spend d rest of ur life with him. age is just a number. God help u.

  2. faith Reply

    I will advice u to marry him. good men are hard to see these days. I’m sure he his a good man. u won’t regret it if u marry him. he will bamper u like a baby..

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