My Brother Is Sleeping With Our Cousin

My brother was staying with my aunty since 2017 so early this year he decided to rent his own apartment after saving some money

So January this year, he told my mum that I should come and stay with him that he will look for work for me which he did. Since my arrival to this place, my cosin sister alway visits us. The house is not far from ours. She will come in name of helping us to cook.

While she and my brother will be touching themselves even when am around, most people in our compound thought she is my brother’s girlfriend. I also noticed some used condoms in our room and my brother did not have girlfriend.

Fast forward to yesterday Monday, I went to work
and our boss said we should go back due to the issue of this covid 19, I reach House only for me to see my sister lying dawn with just singlet, playing game with my brother’s phone.

And my brother was in the bathroom. I don’t really know what to do, if I should tell my mother or not, my aunty is such a kind person she at times gives us food stuff and even money and I don’t want my brother to get angry with me.

Please I need your help, he is 26, I’m just 21

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