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My Husband wants our children to go to school with public Bus while her mother uses the car for rubbish

Nigerian woman (Name withheld) has said that her husband wants their children to be going to school with public Bus while her mother uses the car for rubbish, says she wants her to leave.


“I have a situation in my house. we have 3 cars and 1 driver to take the children to school and bring them home. My husband needs his car and so do i, I get home at 5 pm. my husband usually 9pm. my mother in law has refused to leave our house since January 2020, she stayed in our house for 6 months last year. She has 5 children but won’t leave my husband alone.

“My husband is suddenly her favorite because of money. She has taken over my kitchen. My house help listen to her more than me.

“My mother in-law has taken the car for herself because she want to use it to go to church. she goes to church everyday and goes to market not to sell but to buy and buy and gist with her friends. I don’t want my children in public transport. It’s not safe and it’s my house.

“I told my husband he said he entered bus when he was in king’s college that it’s no big deal. what can i do for this woman?

“I want to ask my mother and father to come and stayed in the house too. let them frustrate each other.

“Also i don’t like how she flogs my children. She uses belt, she uses shoes and she uses wire. I am not happy at all.

“My husband will be in the living room with her laughing and Gisting and leave me in the room



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