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After three abortions, i just found out that his engaged to my colleague – Lady Cries

My name is yemisi, I’m entitled to your answer please. I’m 27, i met Tunde [not real name] 5 years ago in the university then i was still in 300 level .

Tunde was a post graduate student who i met on a sunny afternoon. He asked for a lift which on a normal day i would have refuse his offer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t because it was sunny. I had no option. We drove 7 minutes away from school we got chatty. During the 7 short minutes we were together i was thrilled by tunde unique nature.. His outspoken, smart, funny, tall and handsome.

I never knew I would later regret it. We exchanged number, and on the second day Tunde called me. Sincere, I was excited when he called. We talked for 25minutes during out conversation we laughed, and teased each other. Tunde asked me out on a date i agreed, because i was already glued to his charm.

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We met in an eatery, saw down together ate and talked for 3 hours. I told tunde everything about me. He also did. From his story he has been through emotional breakup. He claimed he was played by 3 women who pretended to love him. They fooled him and broke his heart…

Tunde asked me out after some weeks…. To cut the story short.We dated for years during out time together I’m ashamed to say I’d committed 3 abortion that I regret doing. 😖😭 When we were together i had this dream and faith of getting married to Tunde some day.

All of a sudden his attitude changed. He doesn’t call like he used to, he make excuses, quarrel at any slight offense, not romantic like before. Seriously, I never suspected anything.

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Recently, through a friend i found out that my Tunde is planning on getting married to my colleague at work. I don’t know if I should confront her or tell her everything about tunde… I need your advice this pain is eating me …

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