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This Is What I Got After 5 Years Of Dating Her (True Life Story)

My dad made me understand that everyone is responsible for any action he or she take in life

My neighbor was caught in the act of committing suicide this morning and to the glory of God nothing has happened to him yet.

His story was a shock to everyone after some questions was thrown at him.

See his story as shared by relationship expert Dr. Reginald Chiebuka.

I’m so sorry for trying to commit this abomination but I really have end this one’s and for all. What a wicked world!

I’ve been dating this girl now for over five years now.

She was a virgin when I first met her and she made me enter this agreement of not seeing her till we get married so I kept on to that agreement and started struggling so I can balance myself and marry her as fast as I could

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I’m an orphan and the only child of my parents so she is the source of my happiness and also the reason why I kept on working day and night so as to make her part of me.

Things have been move fine For the past five years now until recently when I started noticing some changes in her attitude. I asked her several times if everything is ok but she keep telling me yes when everything in not alright.

I even told my male friends and the advised me to marry her as fast as I could so that another man won’t destroy what I’ve labored to build all this years

My husband wants me to quit my job because my ex is my new boss and also asking me out - Yetunde

Yesterday I took her on a date where I wanted to propose to her. When I brought out my ring, she started begging and crying that I should forgive her so I have to hold her and tell her that she did nothing wrong but she kept on which now pushed me to asking her what did she do.

She started narrating how her friends deceived and tricked her into sleeping with a guy and guess what? The guy is from my community.

Right now I’m finished, after 5 cool years.

She is the only one in my life cos I have no mom, no dad, no siblings.

Is it not better I kill myself?

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Now the question is should he go ahead with this marriage or leave her.

No insult please.


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