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Dec 22 to Jan 3 here are best days to travel during this holiday

We all want to spend the holiday with the special people in our lives. Sometimes, this will mean journeying to be with the ones we love.

But making a successful trip to be with family, and friends can be frustrating during the holiday season by certain factors like overpriced bus and flight tickets, overcrowding of public transportation terminals, and the unavailability of travel options.

To avoid this unfortunate incident, it is best to be aware of some of the suggested best days to make your trip this holiday:


Every day before Sunday, December 22

If you’d rather not be caught up in any travel drama, plan ahead of time to book your trip in the days before December 22.

A sure way to ensure you have a slot within this time frame is to book ahead of time. You may purchase tickets even from November — as they’d be relatively cheaper.

Booking very early will also give you an edge over other passengers as you could pick your preferred seat — according to certain commercial bus policies.

The sweetest spot within this time frame has got to be the four Sundays in December; 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd.

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Not a lot of people are keen on travelling on Sundays which would make the bus terminals less crowded and booking easier.

December 25

Not a lot of people might agree with this suggestion but if you’ve got a few extra thousands to spare, you may choose to travel on Christmas Day.

To begin with, not a lot of people will be pleased to travel at Christmas. This could buy you a lesser crowd and consequently, a more enjoyable trip.

The only downside could be the few extra expenses which might be caused by the inflation of ticket prices for the season.

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Between December 26th and 30th

Most commercial transport companies will inflate their ticket prices a few days before 25th (Christmas Day), and 26th (Boxing Day).

They do this knowing that the bulk of travellers will be travelling within this window period.

This means that after the commemoration of Christmas and Boxing Day, the price of travel tickets will drop.

Between January 3rd and 4th

The same theory of Christmas applies to the New Year celebration. Booking your travel tickets after January 2nd might be the best decision to make.

Although these are the predicted best days to travel this holiday, note that days like January 4th, 5th, and 6th, are the worst days to embark on a trip.

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