Living In US Is Very Hard Compared To Living In Any Part Of Africa – Dencia

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Living in US is very hard compared to living in any part of Africa – Dencia

Living In Us Is Very Hard Compared To Living In Any Part Of Africa &Ndash; DenciaCameroonian singer and socialite, Dencia has drummed home a message to those who are always quick to risk their lives in leaving in Africa to find greener pastures in Europe and America.

She stated while replying to an Instagram blog post about a man who revealed his aunty advised him against moving to the US, despite the fact that she (the Aunty) was already residing there since 1984 that one is better off in Africa than America.

Dencia confirmed that living in the United States of America is very expensive which invariably makes living in Africa comparably far better.

She wrote; “Truth be told, living in la, USA is actually very hard compared to living in anywhere in Africa. It’s about 10k plus homeless Americans on 1 street, u can make $1M & ur monthly bills are $1.2M.

People who lie to u that it’s easy hmmm, maybe this people are advising u because they can’t afford to help you, parents want kids to pay bills, u work & go to school, 90% of people live 6 paychecks ahead,it’s hard to be the 1% doing well but it’s not impossible but it’s important to know this things Atleast, don’t pull-up like some of us did thinking it was easy, hell I left all my expensive bags thinking I’ll come to America & it’ll be raining Lv, dior, hermes if u are an adult,bring some settling in $$, bring some housing dollars cuz even ur own fam fam will make u pay for shit, u don’t want that ur first 2+ years, do self research on jobs, school & people in the state you are going to. I know tons of people who came & left cuz life was too hard for them.

If not for the healthcare system & good Drs, I doubt I’ll be living in America. Europe is just worst, if I had to live there, I’ll literally die, the suffering over there is not from this world. U can work from 6-6 & u will still be a brokevillian it’s too much but in all, anyone can succeed anywhere as long as u are aware of what’s ahead of u.”


  1. It should not be to hard compare to living in Nigeria especially PH and Lagos,who ever has any link or connect to move please do

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