When I Suddenly Woke up at Night my Husband Wasn’t in Bed And This is What I Found Out

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Jack and I have been married now for almost 10 years now, we have known each other since college times and we became sweet hearts.

We are also blessed with 3 kids, who are the joy of our marriage. Jack has never made me cry even for a single day and our marriage has always been a ‘perfect one’.

As a family going to church is a must, we are always one of the people who sit in front and we also had our wedding ceremony in this church.

Every day before bed time we all take this special cup of juice that I have really grown to love, my husband always make sure we have plenty of it in the fridge even the kids enjoys it only my husband doesn’t drink it since he doesn’t like sugary things.

That night I wasn’t felling well, so I lied to jack that I had taken the special night drink and the kids took theirs and went to sleep.

I didn’t sleep well and my stomach felt bloated so I woke up to go to the toilet but on opening my eyes Jack wasn’t in bed with me, I wondered if he was also in the toilet so I walked slowly, on opening the bedroom door I saw a little light towards the kitchen.

So I followed the light and thought maybe he had gone to get water or a snack, on opening the kitchen door I realised the kitchen lights were off but it seems like there was another door inside the kitchen.

I got really scared now, we have lived all our lives in this house that we both built and I never knew there was another door in the kitchen!

I tried to open it and it actually opened, then I saw people with black clothes all covered doing their witchcraft, I have never been so scared in my life luckily they didn’t see me since they were all facing the other side.

I quickly closed the door and in shock went back to bed, after an hour Jack came and slept next to me.

I didn’t sleep the whole night I kept praying and wondering who is this man, my husband, the man I fell in love with and the father of my kids!!!

Now I need advice as a Christian what am I supposed to do??

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