Liz Anjorin shares an adorable video of her husband licking her ears

Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin took to Instagram to reprimand people who spread divorce rumours about her and husband. Lizzy posted a video of her husband licking her ears to spite haters.

The actress said her marriage will last for as long as they both are alive and the only divorce that will be happening is a divorce from poverty.

The actress blasted a journalist named, Mayor Akinpelu for reporting that her husband has other wives and kids.

“Are you not ashamed of yourself as a failed veteran journalist? Are you not ashamed of all the inconsistencies in your reports? You are a disgrace to the media and Journalism,”

She continued: “The whole world will soon realise that you are just a quack Journalist and not a professional.

“I need the world to ask you if these ‘wives’ are faceless? Anyway, since you have become their official spokespersons, be prepared to continue to look stupid to the media world.”

She also asked that those claiming to have children for her husband should come forward with DNA proof.

She wrote: “Mayor, we urge all ur clients to bring their children fwd for DNA.”

Below is a video of Liz and her husband.

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