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Look at pictures of the teacher who teach without bra that got a lot of people talking

There is this teacher named Lulu Menziwe that caused a stir on social media.

Many people still leave in old ways of doing things. There are new teachers these days who are young and beautiful so they have to wear according to their age group. So Lulu did broke the internet after she posted pictures of herself on Twitter wearing amazing outfits.

Some comment that teachers should be wearing like that because they are the one who be distracting their children at school, leading them to fail. Some they like her sense of humor, they on her side and some took some style from her. Here are some pictures from her Twitter account, see below :

Isn’t she beautiful? Comment below how you think about her look.

I see nothing wrong with her, it’s not like she’s showing way too much its how she’s built and there’s nothing she can do about it.

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