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Love is blind; Young Handsome Man Gets Married To A Lady That Lost Her, Lips To A Rear Disease – Graphic photos

Some pictures have been making rounds on social media, where a young handsome was seen tying the knots with the love of his life a lady with a very rare skin disease and a beastly look.

The lady name Carmen is a 29 year old Brazilian, who suffers from a genetic disease called xeroderma pigmentosum. People with this condition must not be exposed to sunlight or UV lights.

Because, when they are exposed even for a seconds, it will give them severe sunburns and freckles. Because of this condition Carmen lost her lower lips, her left ear, and some part of her nose.

But none of this was a hurdle for her as she finally finds true love. Many has saluted the man for his courage because not many would do this. Lets us hear your thoughts on this matter.

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