‘Magnum P.I.’ Star Roger E. Mosley Dead at 83

‘Magnum P.i.’ Star Roger E. Mosley Dead At 83

‘Magnum P.I.’ Star Roger E. Mosley Dead at 83

Roger E. Mosley — famous for “Magnum PI,” among other shows — has died.

The veteran actor passed away peacefully early Sunday morning at home surrounded by family and loved ones … according to his daughter Ch-awho sent a tribute to his father announcing the sad news.

She writes: “We could never mourn such a wonderful man. He would HATE any crying in his name. It’s time to celebrate the legacy he left us all. I love you dad. You loved me too. My heart is heavy but I’m strong. I’ll take care of your mom, for your love of almost 60 years. You raised me well and he is in good hands. Rest in peace.”

Mosley is perhaps best remembered opposite Theodore ‘TC’ Calvin in the 80’s OG ‘Magnum’ series. Tom Selleck. His character operated a helicopter in the show and often helped the main character get out of traffic by transporting him all over the island of Hawaii.

He actually played two other characters in the same series and starred in MPI for a total of 8 years with 158 episodes under his belt. Of course, REM has dabbled in many other hit TV series over the years…not to mention a few movies here and there.

In some shows he was … “Love Boat”, “Night Gallery”, “Sanford and Son”, “Kung Fu”, “Kojak”, “McCloud”, “The Rockford Files”, “The Life and Times”. Grizzly Adams”, “Starsky and Hutch”, “You Take the Kids”, “Night Court”, “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper”, “Walker, Texas Ranger”, “Rude Awakening”, “Las Vegas”, ” Fact Check Unit ” and much more.

Mosley actually returned to the “Magnum PI” family in recent years (for the reboot) to play a cameo role, but not his old character … completely new. Still pretty cool.

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