Man bites off friend’s ear over weed soup (video)

Man Bites Off Friend'S Ear Over Weed Soup (Video)

Man Bites Off Friend

A man has reportedly bitten off a friend’s ear over a soup that had weed in it. 


The incident occurred at Adadeintem in Assin South of Central Region of Ghana. The victim, Emmanuel Agbeko saw his friend and another man adding weed to a soup they were preparing, and expressed his displeasure with it. 


During the heated argument, Agbeko reportedly told the suspect Isaac Atigah and the unidentified man to stop the cooking as children around might enjoy the meal. This degenerated to a fight and Agbeko lost his ear thereafter. 


The victim is currently receiving treatment at the hospital. Watch the video below…….


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  1. Hahhahhahahahhaha why are people so insensitive anyway,weed is harmful to children na,he should have told them.and left them.anyway instead of arguing,now he had one ear saddddd

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