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Man blasted for saying childbirth is “overhyped” after a doting husband pampered his wife for welcoming their son

A husband had to set a man straight after the man questioned why he chose to pamper his wife for welcoming their son.

The husband named Bowale shared photos of his wife and their newborn son vacationing abroad while he stays back to work.

He wrote in the caption: “My woman & my son on vacation without me. I’m several miles away taking care of their holiday bills.”

He added: “I can imagine what this woman went through, all she went through during pregnancy & birth of our son. she deserves all the enjoyment & more.”

A follower responded to make it known that he has a problem with women receiving special treatment because they gave birth. He added that pregnancy and childbirth is “overhyped”

The Twitter user named Chuka Abatago wrote: “I can’t bring it together when you say ‘what she went through during pregnancy’ Like is it not a normal due process for every pregnant lady, they know they are structured and wired for that, I think it’s over hyped though Anyways she deserves to enjoy.”

The doting husband hit back at him, writing: “Pregnancy process are different perhaps you don’t know. Btw I wasn’t there, I moved her to another country when she was 3 month pregnant, she has been alone and doing it all for the both of us . She’s a real strong woman and she’s the best thing that GOD gave me.”

Other Twitter users responded, blasting the man for his tweet.

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