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Man caught sleeping with his one and only daughter of 18 years old , said has been sleeping with her since seven years old

A man caught sleeping With his daughter in Edo state Nigeria. Mr Ogiogun Justin is 52 years with three boys and a girl.

Mr Justin Ogiogun was caught yesterday sleeping with his only daughter of about 18 years old. Miss Josephine Justin, who is the daughter to Mr Justin Ogiogun said that my father has been sleeping with me since I was seven years old.

According to the information gather, Josephine said that my father has threaten to kill me and mom if I ever tell my mummy. When I was was small I thought what my daddy was doing with is the right thing.

When ever my mummy is not around he forces himself on me and keep on telling me that if I ever said it to any one, he will kill her and the person she told about it.

Mr Justin Ogiogun, after much interrogation by the vigilante group, he said that my daughter is to beautiful for another man to be sleeping with her.

He made a statement saying ” how can another man be seeing my daughter nakedness, talk more of sleeping with her, she is my daughter and I do what so ever that pleases me with her, its no body’s business”

Josephine said that I have been telling my mummy when I was small what daddy is doing to me but she will always tell me that I should stop lying because his father can never so such thing.

My mummy never believe me and she is always busy with her business.

According to Chinaza Okafor the girl living with the same compound said that I was outside talking with my friends when I had a voice saying daddy you have started again, please daddy don’t do this again, I quickly ran to called my daddy.

When we got there we find out that the door was locked inside and my daddy quickly broke the door and find out that the man Mr Justin Ogiogun was sleeping her daughter.

Mrs Gloria Justin who came back from shop started hearing tears and keep on asking her daughter to forgive her for not been a good mother to her. She said my daughter has been telling me about this but I thought she was joking.

Mr Justin Ogiogun have been Handed over to the police by the vigilante group.

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