Man Screams In Pain As His “d!ck” Gets Stuck While ‘EATING’ His Best Friend’s Girlfriend [Video]


Man screams in pain as his “d!ck” gets stuck while ‘EATING’ his best friend’s girlfriend [Video]


Drama as man screams in pain as his “d!ck” gets stuck while ‘EATING’ his best friend’s girlfriend.

A cheating girlfriend and her lover who happens to be the best friend to the lady’s boyfriend has been caught chopping themselves.

Man scream in pain

What made it so embarrassing was when they couldn’t separate the two because the man’s joystick was stuck in the woman’s eating pot.

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The friend did nothing to them when he caught them in full action but they tried all attempts to separate them but it all proved futile.

A video of the two caught in broad daylight was aired on Angel TV’s evening news.

Watch the video below;

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