Man sentenced to [email protected] for [email protected] his lover to [email protected] for ignoring him on Valentine’s Day

Man sentenced to [email protected] for [email protected] his lover to [email protected] for ignoring him on Valentine’s Day

Justice has now been meted on a 40-year-old man, Badung David Dele, who k#lled his girlfriend, Nanchin Zacharias.

A High Court sitting in Jos, Plateau State, gave the ruling on Tuesday, July 5, 2022. It is reported that Dele [email protected] Zacharias to [email protected] in her apartment at Angwan Nasarawa Gwom, Jos, on February 15, 2016, for turning down his Valentine Day’s outing invitation.

Dele was convicted by Justice Christy L. Dabup of High Court No 11. He was found guilty of committing culpable hœmicide punishable under section 221 of the Penal Code of Northern Nigeria. The defendant who earlier pleaded guilty was arrested by the Nasarawa Gwom Divisional Police Headquarters, Jos.

According to The Nation, Dele was said to have reached out to Nanchin apparently to settle their differences and invited her out for Valentine’s Day. The deceased reportedly declined the invitation. A source, close to the duo, said they had been in an intimate relationship for over four years until a misunderstanding set in shortly before the last Valentine day.

However, Nanchin allegedly felt that there was no basis for any relationship between them having parted for some time. The convict was said to have stormed Nanchin’s apartment the following morning and demanded an explanation as to why she failed to make the outing. He reportedly [email protected] her by the neck and [email protected] her to [email protected] after which he left the apartment and reportedly told a neighbour he met outside that he wanted to go and get some medicine for his ‘ill’ friend.

He was said to have given his phone number to the neighbour, Mama Joy, and asked her to call him in case of any emergency. Mama Joy perceived something fishy had transpired so she proceeded to Nanchin’s room only to find her lying down on her bed unconscious. She called tor help and Dele was arrested. After interrogations, he confessed to have committed the crime.

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