Married Woman Sheds Tears as Her Husband Surprisingly arrives in the US after 3 Years of Visa Denial (VIDEO)

Married Woman Sheds Tears as Her Husband Surprisingly arrives in the US after 3 Years of Visa Denial (VIDEO)

A woman’s joy knew no bound as she finally reunited with the love of her life after years of being apart. This is as the woman’s husband identified as Isaac had his US visa application denied for 3 consecutive years.

The woman however kept faith

Despite the consecutive denials, the woman kept faith and would occasionally go see her husband in the country he is resided.

In a short video shared by Goodnews Movement on Instagram, the man pulled a sweet surprise in connivance with his wife’s family members.

Isaac showed up at the place his wife was having dinner with her family members bearing a bouquet of flowers.

The stunned wife couldn’t believe her eyes and immediately burst into tears as the couple locked in an embrace.

She was grateful for the surprise

Reacting to the surprise pulled on her, the woman appreciated her mum and family members for helping him pull it off.

In her words:

“After waiting 3 years for my husband’s visa to be approved, he was finally able to come to the states and make it a night I will never forget!

“I am so thankful to my mom and friends for helping Isaac pull this off.” What a beautiful moment. ❤”

Watch Video below:

People react

@smokahontas_17 said: “I went through this. 4 years later still valuing every single moment with my husband. Congrats to these two! It’s a really hard process.”

@chrelmu923 stated: “As someone who also had to wait on a visa before I could be with my husband, I have special love for this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

@renee.saida wrote: “This is amazing!! Was 4 years long distance with my husband – the fact that governments can keep spouses and families apart like this still angers me. The fight for love is real. That relief she feels is everything. ❤️”

@annadelaghettotoo opined: “Guys, it says they were on a long distance relationship. Meaning she visited him. She could go to him but he couldn’t come to US hence the pregnancy. Not sure why so many are confused. “

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