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Meet The 17 Year Old Girl That Has The Shape Of An Adult (See photos)

Andiswa RSA ( Andiswa Selepe Tshabalala is a South African social media star, who has acquired a lot of popularity for her YouTube channel named Andiswa Bomb RSA.

She was born on April 11, 2003. She’s 17 years old.She hails from Mbmbela Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Her YouTube channel has over thousands of subscribers where she uploads lifestyle and make up related videos.

She’s also famous on Instagram, she has close to a million followers on Instagram, 954k to be very precise.

Her curvy body type seems to be natural and not artificial. Her body type may be due to several factors probably genetic.

This body type seems to be bigger than her age, you can also concur to the fact that she looks good and beautiful too.

See photos below:

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