Meet The Richest Family In The World


Meet the richest family in the world

The world has the richest people in many countries with businesses across the globe but are these people from the world’s richest family?

We take a look at the richest family in the world and as Bloomberg Insider reports, the Walton Family is the Richest Family in the World with an estimated net worth of $215 billion. The source of income for the family is Walmart.


In 1962 Sam and Bud Walton founded Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas. It became the world’s largest retailer by revenue in the world in 2018 when it accrued $514.4 million. The co-founders following the success of Walmart founded Sam’s Club in 1983.


Despite the coronavirus pandemic that brought businesses to a standstill, Walmart grew in wealth by $25 million which is $3 million per hour. The wealth is dispersed among three generations that include Sam Walton’s three children of Jim, Alice, and Rob. Alice is amongst the richest women in the world with a net worth of $56.8 billion fortune.

The Walton family fortune is broken down as such:

  • Alice Walton, $66 billion
  • Jim Walton, $65.8 billion
  • S. Robson Walton, $65.4 billion
  • Lukas Walton, $16.2 billion
  • Ann Walton Kroenke, $8.8 billion
  • Nancy Walton Laurie, $8 billion
  • Christy Walton, $7.6 billion

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