“Men think they are special when they partake in parenting” Twitter user writes, eliciting reactions

Ozzy Etomi has started a conversation on Twitter after she stated that men expect special appreciation for being involved in parenting.

She wrote: “Men think they are so special when they partake in parenting, or even when they may be primary caretakers. Because by default, they think it is a mother’s job and they haven’t unlearned that.

“They don’t think they are doing things, rightfully, for their child; they think they are ‘helping’ the mother or stepping in where mom is dropping a ball.

“When you are around a man who is an active parent, watch how he preens for praise and approval and can’t help talking about all the things he does for his child.”

While some agreed with her, others pointed out that women also expect special recognition when they perform roles expected of the men. They added that women even celebrate themselves on father’s day when they’ve been the ones solely providing for their kids.

As the argument continued, a woman shared her personal experience. She said her mother was father and mother to them while her father was busy being a “whore”. She added that if she wants to give her mother special recognition for parenting alone then she deserves it but a man doesn’t deserve special recognition for parenting together with his wife.

Read the tweets below.

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