Money is the root problem in many relationships — Leo Dasilva

Reality TV star, Leo Dasilva, has affirmed the general assertion that money is the root problem in most relationships.

According to Leo Dasilva in a recent tweet, not having enough money or having too much which makes one misbehave sometimes is the bone of contention in this regard.

However, he pointed to the fact that one thing is for certain and that is, it is better to have than not have no matter how much and advised his fans not to let their partners deceive them.

Reacting to his tweet an Instagram user identified as @jerrmalik wrote;

That’s why I’m not in a relationship.

I no get.

My partner no fit get.

How we wan buy Sharwama, go viva cinema, come do Lomotif?

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  1. Money is very important in a relationship, but understanding matters too, Your partner should understand and know when you have and when you don’t have, there is a big difference between not having and being stingy

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