“My Boyfriend Of Two Years Doesn’t Know My Birthday, I Want To Break Up” – Lady Cries Out


“My boyfriend of two years doesn’t know my birthday, I want to break up” – Lady cries out

A Nigerian lady has revealed plans to end her relationship with her boyfriend because he does not remember personal details about her.

The lady whose identity was withheld at the time of filing this report penned a letter to popular relationship coach and counsellor, Joro Olumofin where she revealed that she and her boyfriend have been dating for 2 years now.

According to her, the boyfriend makes her happy in so many ways but what puts her off is the fact that she does not keep record of things about her in his mind even including her birthday.

Here’s what she told love doctor, Joro;

“This guy I’ve been dating for like 2yrs now doesn’t know my birthday and where I am from, my mind just said I should ask him today, all of a sudden my guy just started stammering.

The only thing he knows is money, money, money. Always sending me money, buying me expensive stuffs. Even the most simple thing about me he doesn’t know. If I work and send him the pictures, he won’t say anything, he’ll just say he would rent a shop for me soon since I’m already a professional.

I have a male best friend, that one is ?entirely different, gives me money o but doesn’t want sEX, we’ve slept in a room together on different occasions but he has never touched me, he knows every single thing about me, we’ve been friends for like 4yrs now, he’s kuku single and he’s entering my eyes already, maybe I should just switch to him. What do you think? Please nobody should call me asewo o, you guys don’t know how this feels, having a boyfriend that knows nothing about you, just like giving money, and please I’ve complained different times”.

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