“My Daughter Was Killed Before She Was Hanged”: Mother Reveals Full Details With Tears

&Quot;My Daughter Was Killed Before She Was Hanged&Quot;: Mother Reveals Full Details With Tears

According to information gathered on the death of Leticia, 14-year-old Kyere Pinaman, form three (3) high school student at the Sunyani Miracle in the Bono Region of Ghana, Tuesday, 18 May 2021, she was actually killed before being hanged.

According to the deceased’s sad and broken-heart mother, further research and examinations by doctors and specialists indicated that her daughter, Leticia, had been killed in secret by some people before her dead body had eventually been hung up in the school restaurant.

She said that the doctor who evaluated her daughter’s dead body confirmed this information. She said that the doctor knew she wasn’t killing herself and wasn’t hanged alive, but she was hanged after passing on, because she doesn’t show any signs of people hanging before they die.

According to her, the doctor said that according to his critical examination of Kyere Pinaman’s dead body, the signs shown or displayed around the neck of individuals who commit suicide intentionally or were suspended by others cannot be found on Leticia. This means that she was murdered somewhere before she was hanged to hide the real incident.

“There was no sign of death by hanging, according to the doctor. Her tongue didn’t prevail, no fecal matter or urine passed through her. And that means that she was dead before she got hanged, “The statement of the mother was translated.

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