My Friend Brought A Lady Home Yesterday, And She Died Overnight In His Room, Man Cries Out

My Friend Brought A Lady Home Yesterday, And She Died Overnight In His Room, Man Cries Out

One of the worst things that anyone can do to bring a lady home is to wake up the next morning and find out that she died while sleeping. You can imagine how devastated and frightened he will be because the police will participate in the case. This is why it is recommended that you only take a lady back home after you have clubbed or gone to a party.

There is a trend story that has virtually passed across all social media platforms where a young man whose name was called “Odey Arone” has revealed that yesterday, his friend brought a lady to his home on his personal social media account, and sadly he found her dead in his room overnight.

According to the information collected, “Odey” said that his friend went to a nearby restaurant for a club where she met the young woman who was not identified. And he must have persuaded her, after the two of them had drunk at the club, to follow him home, which he did. In addition, this morning story was that she passed on while they were both asleep.

“Odey Arone” said in his statement:

“This morning my friend, my neighbor in our compound, woke me up and shivered. When I asked him what the problem could be, he told me the Lady he returned home yesterday was dying in his room all night.”

“I was in tension at this point because I knew the police would be involved in the case. And he will be taken to the Police Station to explain his knowledge of the Lady”

“The police have started investigating right now, and I pray that my friend will learn his lessons after this incident,” Odey Arone said.

Meanwhile, the detail of what led to the Lady’s death, is still not made known.

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