My Husband’s younger brother disguised as Armed Robber, Rape me and my Little Daughter

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Yesterday night there was an armed robbery attack in our house, I was raped my daughter of 13 raped, so luckily for us after robbing us and doing all this rubbish, when they are about to escape, police men and van came, because we live in an estate, they shot the armed robbers.

when they opened their mask, my husband’s younger brother is among them, he is even the one that raped us, he is dead and he live with us, he was same person asking us to be vigilant that bad boys are stealing now he is dead and my mum in-law blame me, she said we should have asked police not to kill them, how will I know he is and he deserves death because of what he did to me and my daughter, he ruined our life and wish he is alive so I can ask him what wrong I did to him. 

Please mother in-law is fighting now ,that I killed her son, please help me judge this issue, I don’t even know is her son that did it and am not police that shoot him.

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