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Mzansi Slay Queens captured dancing [email protected]£d for Nigerian Yahoo Boys hit online [Watch]

Three videos has surfaced on social media showing what appears to be a house party featuring Mzansi slay queens dancing for their Nigerian sponsors.

Nothing wrong with that you might say but the one thing that catches the eye is the fact that the woman in the video is totally n-k-£d as she danced in front of the man speaking a Nigerian dialect.

In the second video the unclothed women can be seen in the Jacuzzi.

They then start performing $e_xual acts on each other as one of the man sits with them and his anac0nda dangl¡ng.

A Twitter user could only lament the actions by the women and wrote :

” Our SA females have betrayed us to these foreigners .they do whatever there’s nigerians drug dealers want just because of money and fame Loudly crying face” .

We would have loved to upload the videos for our cherished readers but it’s against our p0licies. But the reality is that this video is not really hard to find since it began trending on all the social media platforms.

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