“Na Me Be This” – 2baba Reveals How He Feels At The Moment

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“Na me be this” – 2baba reveals how he feels at the moment

“Na Me Be This” – 2Baba Reveals How He Feels At The Moment

&Ldquo;Na Me Be This&Rdquo; &Ndash; 2Baba Reveals How He Feels At The Moment

Nigerian singer 2face Idibia has revealed how he is currently feeling following his marriage sage which has remained a topic of discussion after his wife Annie called him out for sleeping with his baby mama.

2Baba And Wife, Annie
2baba and wife, Annie

Recall that 2face, in the heat of the marital crises, sneaked out of Nigeria through the help of his management after a messy fight with Annie.

However, in a video shared by Instagram blogger Gistlovers, Annie was heard crying and saying she would scatter their marriage, adding that she’s tired of the ill-treatment the Idibia’s family are dishing out to her.

&Ldquo;Na Me Be This&Rdquo; &Ndash; 2Baba Reveals How He Feels At The Moment

She said in the video

“I am going to scatter everything. Nobody knows the wrath of an angry woman. I ruin everything. Hello, Idibia family, this is Annie. Today, everything was peaceful nothing happened.

“My husband told me he had a shoot today only for him to pack his things and his stupid cousin, Franky helped him plan it. His family does not love me, they hate me.

“They have been giving me headache for the last 10 years. Today, my husband lied to me; he packed his things that he was going for a shoot but he is on his way to America.

“This was planned by himself, … and Franky — all behind my back. I don’t deserve this, I don’t. I know this is not your business but I can’t call any member of his family.

“I can’t even call his manager, he would not pick my call because he thinks I am standing in his way. My husband is on his way to America without telling me…I’m done.”

Watch Video below:

A few days later, 2face, in a post shared on his Instagram story, confirmed he is in America, stating that no vibes killer is allowed.

In a new Instagram post, the legendary singer questioned his fans if they had ever been in a position where they repeatedly heard rumours about themselves and asked what could be wrong.

2face, who likened himself to such position, wrote: You ever hear a rumour about yourself and actually wanted to hear more like damn… What did I do next. Na me be dis ooo

&Ldquo;Na Me Be This&Rdquo; &Ndash; 2Baba Reveals How He Feels At The Moment


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