Friday, December 9, 2022


“Na surgery e do, no be gym” – Reactions as man shows off body transformation in 1 year

"Na surgery e do, no be gym" - Reactions as man shows off body transformation in 1 year

A gym instructor identified as Azovsky Dmitry has revealed stunning body transformation with just exercise between year 2021 and 2022.

This raised a lot of controversies as many netizens found it hard to believe.

One Gracy said, “How?? The transformation was so fast that workouts takes time to work at least now to 23 years. This transformation just within a year??? In most awarded something else.”

Another user said, “this is no transformation. This guy is a little gym instructor and literally stopped training and started eating junk food just to gain weight. After gaining over 280 lbs, he started training again to lose weight and that the results. Na werey.”

One bursarygfx said, “For those saying it’s surgery, you can Google him, his name is azovsky Dmitry. He is a personal fitness trainer, and this is an experiment to show people it’s easy to lose weight… He gained weight intentionally to lose the weight just to show people it’s easy to lose weight. Madness yeah?😀”

Tracy wrote: I work in a hospital where cosmetic surgery is done. If only you know how many men come for surgeries with this kind of body. The world has made it seem like it’s only women who do surgery. I’m not saying exercise doesn’t work out but some people do surgery, fat dissolving injection, other nonsurgical procedures and then workout to maintain their body.”

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